Beetal Goat Best Goat Breed for Farming

Introduction of Beetal Goat

Beatal Goat is the best option for goat farming in Pakistan.  It is found in Pakistan Beetal found in Layyah, Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, D.G Khan Districts of Punjab and in India Punjab and Haryana state but it is mostly found in Gurdaspur, Amritsar, Ferozpur Districts of Punjab. Beetle goat is raised both for meat and dairy purpose. They have long legs long in pendulous ears short and thin tail and have backwards curved horns. The adult buck has 50 to 60 kilogrammes weight and the adult doe has 35 to 40 kilogrammes weight. The body length of male beetle is approximately 86 centimetres and did a female beetle is approximately 71 centimetres. The average milk yield per day is 2.0 to 2.25 kilogrammes, and the yield per lactation period varies from 150 to 190 kilogrammes.

Characteristics of Beetal Goat

Beetal goats are big and long sized but smaller than Jim Nippori goats. They are various coloured, but mainly the colour of their body is red or golden brown with white spots. Their body is compact and well developed, long sized, short tail produces a pair of kids per year. They become highly milk productive, produce about 2.54 litres of milk daily. Their head is massive and brawn with a Roman nose, both male and female goat has a pair of horns. Their horns are long in males but shorter in females. Female goats have long teats which are well developed with their under female goats produce kids for the first time at the age of 20 – 22 months of age. Adult male goat weighs about 65 kilogrammes and female goats weights about 45 kilogrammes their horns are curved to backwards. Beetal goat is also very popular and famous for its meat productions. They become very hardy and can adapt themselves to almost all types of climate and environment.

Uses of Beetal Goat

Beetal goat is breeding for both purposes, milk and meat due to its size the average milk yield per day is 2.0 to 2.25 kilogrammes, so it is used for milk purposes. The adult buck has 15 to 60 kilogrammes weight and the adult doe has 35 to 40 kilogrammes weight so it’s used for meat purposes too.

Special Notes on Beetal Goat

For the healthy development of a pregnant goat, dry her off at least six to eight weeks before expected delivery. Before 15 days of expected kidding. Take goat into an open and clean room which is filled with straw on the floor, after birth cleans the nostrils face and deer with the help of dry cotton cloth and remove the placental membrane. Gentle rubbing must be done to clean the newborn kids. If a newborn kid is not taking breathe in hold the kids up with their hind legs having head downwards which will help to clear it to the respiratory tract. Clean the kid of goat with tincture iodine and then gets its first colostrum drink within 30 minutes of its birth.

Beetal Goat Price in Pakistan

Prices of Beetal goat vary with many factors like age, sex, weight and beauty but the normal price range of  Beetal Goat in Pakistan is Rs.30000 to Rs.60000. The price of a Beetal Goat Baby in Pakistan is about Rs.12000 to Rs.20000.

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