Barbari Goat Best Goat Breed for Farming

This breed is mainly used for meat production. It is found in Pakistan’s Districts of Punjab, Sindh and India’s Districts of Punjab, Rajasthan and Agra. It is a medium height animal with having a compact body. It has short and tubular ears. The male Barbari has 38 to 40 kilogrammes of weight and the female Barbari has 23 to 25 kilogrammes of weight. The length of a male Barbari is approximately 65 centimetres and that of a female is approximately 75 centimetres. It has a wide range of code colours but the white colour having small light brown colour patches is most common, both male and female Barbari goats have large thick beards, the average milk yield per day is 1.5 to 2.0 kilogrammes and yield per lactation period varies from 140 kilogrammes.

What are the Main Characteristics of Barbari Goat?

Barbari goat has unique characteristics. It’s a pretty small animal with a medium-sized compact body. They are alert and attractive and have bulging eyes because of their quite prominent orbit Hold on. Their ears are short, tubular, almost double with the slit opening in front erect, directed upward and outward, bucks have a large thick beard. Barbari has twisted horns that are directed upward and backwards and are medium in length. Barbari goat has a wide variation in code colour, but usually white with small light brown patches is the most common colour. Barbari goat is best for goat farming here is information for goat farming.

What are the Uses of Barbari Goat?

Barbari goat is raised mainly as a meat goat breed, but it is also a pretty good milker this goat breed is very suitable for commercial meat goat farming business.

What are the Special Considerations of Barbari Goat?

Barbari goats are well known for their good meat qualities and also for triple kidding. They mature early and are resistant to common goat diseases. Barbari goat has a good feed to meat conversion ratio, it is highly suited for rearing under restrained and stall-fed systems. Along with being good Milk Producers. The Barbari goats are also good milkers and are highly prolific. In most cases, the males are castrated at a very early age when they are raised for commercial meat production.

Barbari Goat For Sale in Pakistan

Barbari Goat is available for sale in Karachi, Barbari Goat is available for sale in Lahore, Barbari Goat is available for sale in Layyah, Barbari Goat is available for sale in Multan, Barbari Goat is available for sale in D.G Khan, Barbari Goat is available for sale in Chowk Azam, Barbari Goat is available for sale in Fateh Pur.

Barbari Baby Goat Available for Sale


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