Teddy Goat Characteristics

This breed is available in multi colors and has a well-developed small body. The one more prestige of this breed is a short cycle of kidding i.e. every 9 to 11 months. Teddy goats are known for their high prolificacy. They have the potential to produce twins and even triplets. The average birth weight of kids is about 2 kg. The kidding percentage in this breed is about 150%.


The Teddy Goat is a breed of small domestic goat that is found in a wide area in India and Pakistan. They are distributed in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. Teddy goats are one of the best-registered fast-growing goat breeds in Pakistan and are found in the Gujrat, Jhelum, Sargodha, and Rawalpindi districts. Teddy Goat farming setup for shelter includes 0.3 acres of land with a 6x6x6 shed and 3×9 pen.


The Teddy Goat is a small to medium-sized goat breed that is known for its docile and friendly personality. They are also known to be very intelligent and easy to train. Teddy goats are generally black or brown in color, with short and tubular ears. The average length of their ears is 5 to 6 cm. They have compact body and can weigh up to 37 kgs.


Teddy goats are available in multi colors and have a large variation in color but most usually Off white, Cream, Light black, black, and pure white with patches of tan on the neck and head. Teddy goats are generally believed to have superiority over the other local breeds to thrive in harsh weather conditions in different environments, but they are known for their docile nature and easy handling. This small-sized goat breed is known for its many attributes and personality traits; easy handling, docile nature, low input, and better efficiency, to name a few.


Teddy goat is a small-medium-sized breed. They are available in multi colors and have a well-developed small body. The Teddy goat breed is a small-sized breed possessing high prolificacy, high twining rate, disease resistance, and good milk production. This breed is known for its supernatural qualities in almost all parts of the world.


Teddy goats are strong and hardy animals that are well-adapted to their native areas. They require less maintenance than other breeds of goats, and women and old people can handle them easily. Teddy goats generally have good reproductive behavior and produce healthy offspring. However, they are not good milk producers.


The Teddy Goat is a breed of domestic goat that was bred to be used primarily for meat production. They are a fast-growing breed and have straight little backward horns. The doe has not well-developed udder but teats. Lactation is very low, milk production remains at below half a liter a day. Birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight; pre-weaning growth, age at first kidding, and number of kids weaned were the traits analyzed. The Teddy Goat is an excellent choice for those looking for a goat to produce meat.

Teddy Goat for Farming

Teddy Goat is one of the best goat breeds for farming. They are small in size but their meat is very delicious. Teddy goats are also very friendly and easy to manage. Their fur is also very soft and they make great pets. If you are thinking about starting a goat farm, then Teddy Goat is the perfect breed for you.

Teddy Goat for Farming Advantages

Teddy goats are a great choice for farming because they are hardy and adaptable to many different environments. They also have a good reputation for being friendly and easy to handle. Teddy goats are a dual-purpose breed, meaning they can be used for both milk production and meat.

Teddy Goat for Farming Disadvantages

There are several disadvantages of teddy goat farming that should be considered before starting this type of farming. One of the main disadvantages is the lack of practical knowledge about this type of farming among most people. This can lead to many problems, such as poor husbandry practices, which can result in low productivity and profitability. Another disadvantage is the high cost of feed and other inputs required for teddy goat farming. This, coupled with the low market demand for teddy goats, makes it a very risky and unprofitable venture.

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