Pure Black Sahiwal Wacha for Sale

Pure Black Sahiwal Wacha available for sale, you can purchase Pure Black Sahiwal Wacha at very reasonable rates in Pakistan. We are delivering cattle all over Pakistan. You can purchase this wacha for Eid ul Azha 2021. We purchase and sell cattle online all over Pakistan.

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Desi Bull For Sale Eid ul Azha 2021 Desi Cow

Wacha for sale in Pakistan

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Makhi Cheeni Goat Bakra

We have beautiful and healthy Makhi Cheeni Goat Bakra available for sale online at movashimandi.com. Available in different colors brow and white, black and white. Makhi Cheeni goats are available at a very reasonable price. Makhi Cheeni goat different size available we have two months Makhi Cheeni goats available, Six months Makhi Cheeni goats available, One-year Makhi Cheeni goats available. Makhi Cheeni goat breed is also available for sale.

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Nili Ravi Buffalo Available For Sale in Pakistan

Buffalo is a common dairy animal in Pakistan. There are five known buffalo breeds in the country
these are Nili, Ravi, Nili-Ravi, Kundhi, and Azi Kheli (or Azakhale)
We are selling healthy Buffalo online. These Buffalo are giving more than 6 Ltr milk a time we are providing healthy food to our Buffalo we always care for our cattle because we know our cattle’s worth. We are Selling Nili Ravi buffalo at reasonable prices in Pakistan. Continue Reading