Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah

Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah is a premier dairy farm located in the Layyah district of Punjab, Pakistan. Founded by Ahsan Shah, it has been providing quality dairy products to the local community for over five years. The farm is managed by a team of experienced professionals and utilizes state-of-the-art technology and modern production methods to ensure that customers receive the freshest and highest quality milk, butter, cheese, and other dairy products.

Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah is also home to Nestle’s Pakistan’s team who recently visited the farm to start a new journey with them. Rizvi Group of Industries also provides veterinary services through their Doctor of Veterinary Science from Bahaudin Zakariya University Multan (BZU) with first division grade achieved in 2010-2015.

The farm is conveniently located on Layyah-Kot Addu Rd in Chak No 148 A and can be contacted at +92 300 6761214 during operational hours 09:00 – 20:00 daily. They provide a wide range of dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese, curd etc., which are also available from various other partner farms like Al-Baraka Dairy Farms, Ali Dairy Farms Lahore, Al Mehdi Dairy (Pvt.) Limited Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah S&S Dairy (Sheikhupura), Sapphire etc.

If you’re looking for high quality dairy products at competitive prices then Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah should definitely be your stop!

Setting Up a Dairy Farm in Layyah

Rizvi Dairy Farm in Layyah is a great opportunity for those interested in setting up their own dairy farm. Located on the Layyah-Kot Addu Road, Chak No 148 A, this dairy farm offers a wide variety of cows, construction of building, purchasing machinery and equipment. The team from Nestle recently visited the Rizvi Group of Industries and the results were outstanding.

The total cost for setting up the dairy farm is estimated to be Rs 57 million which includes cow purchasing, construction and machinery/equipment purchase. Additionally, a sum of Rs 3 million has been allocated for initial setup activities such as training staff and ensuring smooth operations.

Adnan Nawaz Dairy Farm is also located nearby at Ahlu Pind Kahna Ferozpur Road Lahore if you are looking to install Akuka farm or Donga Bonga Minchinbad Bahawalnagar.

The primary contact person for Rizvi Dairy Farm is Mr Qasim Shah who can be reached at 0300-6761214 located near Chak 148/A Layyah Punjab Pakistan West Punjab. The hours of operation are 09:00-20:00 daily with highly experienced staff available to assist customers with any queries they may have regarding the various products offered by Rizvi Group Of Industries. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey towards setting up your very own dairy farm!

Location of the Farm

Rizvi Dairy Farm is located in Layyah, Punjab, Pakistan. It is situated on Layyah-Kot Addu Rd, Chak No 148 A. It is a family owned business that has been producing high quality dairy products since 2012. The farm produces and sells milk to Interloop cheese plant and some of it to Nestle. They also have a feed mill which supplies feed for animals as well as various other products that are used in dairy farming. Rizvi Dairy Farm has 7 acres of land for sale near the farm and it is also close to Punjab Group Of College Layyah. The farm provides excellent customer service and they strive to ensure that their customers are satisfied with the quality of their products.

Types of Cattle on the Farm

Rizvi Dairy Farm in Layyah, Pakistan is home to a variety of cattle breeds. These include the native Sindhi, Sahiwal and Red Sindhi Cattle, which are resistant to heat and diseases and need further improvement. Other breeds include Exotic Dairies from Lahore, Faiz Aam Dairies and Livestock Farm Chak No 39-JB, Faisalabad and Fareed Dairy Farm.

The farm is located on Layyah-Kot Addu Rd, Chak No 148 A, Layyah with a railway line running parallel to it giving it a rural feel amidst an urban area. The processed milk sector of Pakistan contributes 0.43% to the country’s GDP with Rizvi Dairy farm playing its part in this important industry.

The cattle at Rizvi Dairy Farm are well looked after with visitors welcome for tours around the farm. The main contact address is Layyah-Kot Addu Rd, Chak No 148 A, Layyah, Punjab, Pakistan and their phone number is +92 300 6761214 with hours of operation being 09:00-20:00 daily. So come down for some fresh air and experience life on a dairy farm!

Feeding and Nutrition for the Cows

At Rizvi Dairy Farm in Layyah, Pakistan, we understand the importance of providing proper nutrition to our cows. We work with Nestle’s to ensure our cows are getting the best possible nourishment available. Our team of expert nutritionists provide custom feed formulations and management consultations tailored specifically to each cow’s individual needs. We also provide regular training courses on dairy cattle feeding and nutrition for farmers and staff members to ensure everyone is well-informed when it comes to caring for our cows.

Our farm provides a variety of quality feed options for our cows including hay, grass, grains, and legumes. We also make sure that our animals have access to fresh water at all times and supplement their diets with vitamins and minerals as needed. By offering a custom mix of nutrients tailored to the individual needs of each cow in our herd, we ensure that every animal is getting what they need in order to remain healthy and productive.

At Rizvi Dairy Farm in Layyah, we take pride in providing the best possible nutrition for our cows so that we can produce high-quality milk products for consumers around the world. With a focus on providing a balanced diet complete with essential vitamins and minerals that support optimal health and growth, we strive each day to deliver outstanding results!

Milking Procedures and Technologies Used

Milking procedures and technologies used on Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah are designed to ensure the highest quality of milk production. The farm uses high milk producing (exotic) cattle breeds such as Holstein Friesian, Jersey, and Sahiwal to produce a greater quantity of milk. Advanced milking systems are also used to ensure that the cows are in good health and produce more milk. Further, the farm encourages women farmers to use modern technologies in their production process. In addition, the Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company is providing finance support for dairy farms in order to help them use modern technology and increase the efficiency of production. By combining advanced milking systems with efficient technology, Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah is able to maximize its milk production while ensuring that its cows remain healthy and happy!

Processing Milk at the Farm

Processing milk at the farm is essential for producing quality dairy products. At Rizvi Dairy Farm in Layyah, Punjab, Pakistan, the team works hard to ensure that only the finest milk is processed for their customers. From milking cows to cleaning and sterilizing equipment, the process begins with taking high-quality care of cattle. The cows are fed nutritious diets and receive regular veterinary care to keep them healthy and producing nutritious milk.

After milking, the raw milk is cooled quickly to prevent bacteria from growing. It is then pasteurized, a process which heats it up to kill any harmful bacteria before it goes into storage tanks or containers for further processing.

The next step in processing involves separating cream from whole milk by centrifugation or skimming off the top layer of fat. This cream can be used in baking or making dairy products like butter and cheese. Homogenization ensures an even distribution of fat particles throughout the processed milk for a smooth texture and taste.

Finally, packaging and labeling are done so that customers can identify what type of product they are purchasing based on nutritional information provided on its label. With careful attention to detail throughout every step of their process, Rizvi Dairy Farm ensures their customers get only the best quality fresh dairy products every time!

Quality Control Standards Followed

Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah is committed to providing the highest quality dairy products while adhering to strict quality control standards. The dairy farm follows international standards such as the Animal Health Act and BS EN ISO, and has adopted a rigorous approach to ensure that all of its products meet these high standards. This includes regular testing of raw materials for contaminants such as aflatoxin, ensuring that only healthy animals are used for milking purposes, and regularly monitoring the production processes to maintain optimum hygiene and food safety. All of these measures are undertaken in order to provide customers with safe, nutritious and delicious dairy products.

Marketing Strategies Implemented by the Farm

Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah is a successful dairy farm located in the County of Cornwall, United Kingdom. The farm specializes in breeding and raising dairy cows, producing quality milk and milk products. To ensure their success, Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah has implemented several marketing strategies that have allowed them to remain profitable and competitive.

One strategy is to build relationships with customers. The team at Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah works hard to build strong relationships with local milk buyers and distributors, as well as potential new customers from further away. This allows them to not only expand their customer base but also maintain loyalty among existing customers.

Another strategy implemented by Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah is offering value-added products such as flavored milks or yogurt-based drinks for added profitability. These products help to bring in more revenue for the farm while providing consumers with something unique and different from traditional dairy offerings. Additionally, the team at Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah works hard to promote their products through various marketing channels such as television ads, radio spots, social media campaigns, newspaper articles etc., helping to spread awareness about their business and increase sales even further.

Finally, Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah has invested heavily in modern technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with production and distribution of its products. This has resulted in improved quality control standards which have helped Rizvi Dairy remain competitive even when facing difficult market conditions brought on by high global prices of dairy commodities.

Overall, Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah’s commitment to customer satisfaction combined with its use of modern technologies have allowed it to remain a leader within the UK’s dairy market despite challenging economic times

Benefits of Working with Rizvi Dairy Farms Layyah

Working with Rizvi Dairy Farms Layyah offers a variety of benefits, including access to fresh and high-quality milk products, excellent animal care and management practices, and a safe working environment. All staff at Rizvi Dairy Farms Layyah receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure their safety and the quality of the products they produce.

The farm is equipped with modern milking facilities, which allow for efficient production of milk. The farm also offers opportunities to learn about new technologies related to animal husbandry, nutrition, genetics, health care, as well as environmental management. In addition to providing superior milk products to customers in Pakistan and around the world, Rizvi Dairy Farms Layyah contributes to rural development by providing employment opportunities for local people.

Rizvi Dairy Farms Layyah has dedicated veterinary staff on site who are available around the clock for any health-related concerns that may arise. Their veterinarians have expertise in treating a wide range of diseases affecting dairy animals as well as offering advice on proper nutrition for livestock. The quality assurance team at Rizvi Dairy Farms Layyah ensures that all milk products are tested before being released into the market so customers can be confident that what they’re buying is safe for consumption.

Moreover, working at Rizvi Dairy Farms Layyah offers employees an opportunity to work in an environment where they can develop their skills in animal handling, nutrition science, genetics and other areas related to dairy farming while also contributing directly towards improving their community’s economy.

Challenges Faced by Rizvi Dairy Farms Layyah

Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah is one of the largest dairy farms in Southern Punjab, Pakistan. Despite the farm’s success, there are still many challenges it faces. One major challenge is a lack of resources and infrastructure. This includes access to quality feed, veterinary care, and farm machinery which can make production more efficient. The lack of access to modern technology can make managing the herd more difficult and less productive.

Another issue faced by Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah is financial constraints. With rising costs in raw materials, labour, and other expenses, it has become increasingly difficult for farmers to generate profits from their business. As a result, they may be forced to take on large loans with high interest rates making it difficult for them to stay afloat financially.

In addition to these issues, Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah also faces competition from other local farms that offer cheaper prices on their products – making it even harder for the farm’s own products to compete effectively in the market place. Moreover, climate change has caused new problems as well such as increased water scarcity which affects not only the availability of feed but also increases production costs due to frequent droughts and floods.

Despite all these challenges faced by Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah there are still ways for them to overcome these obstacles and continue producing high-quality products at competitive prices. By investing in modern technology and equipment such as automatic milking machines or robotic systems they can increase productivity while reducing labour costs significantly. Additionally, they must focus on marketing strategies that will help them reach out to potential customers both locally and internationally so that they can expand their customer base and increase sales revenue – ultimately allowing them to remain profitable despite all of the challenges

Awards Received by Rizvi Dairy Farms Layyah

Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah has won numerous awards and accolades over the years. The farm, located in Layyah-Kot Addu Rd, Chak No 148 A in Punjab, Pakistan, is renowned for its exceptional quality milk, and its commitment to animal welfare.

In 2019, Rizvi Dairy Farm was awarded the prestigious Nestle’s Start New Journey award for their impressive milk collection practices. This award was presented by Ch ShoBi JuTt and Usman Layyah in recognition of the farm’s dedication to providing high-quality produce.

In 2020, Rizvi Dairy Farm also received a Beautiful & award from Govt Model High School Layyah for their market-oriented farming practices. This award was presented by BAHAUDIN ZAKARYIA UNIVERSITY MULTAN Doctor of Veterinary Science and first division student Saima Kanwal who has become a role model for her university fellows due to her employment of educational qualifications at Rizvi Dairy Farms Layyah.

The farm is open 9:00 am – 20:00 pm every day and welcomes visitors looking to learn more about dairy farming or purchase fresh produce from the farm.

Community Support Received By Rizvi Dairy Farms Layyah

Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah is a family-owned dairy farm in Layyah, Punjab, Pakistan. The farm has been providing fresh milk for the local community for years and has recently received a boost of support from Nestle’s. This support includes help in marketing and improving the quality of their products. Additionally, Dr. Pervez Iqbal and his team have been providing veterinary services to the farm’s livestock to ensure the highest possible standards of animal welfare. The local community has also embraced Rizvi Dairy Farm with open arms, with many families relying on its fresh milk and manure for their homes and businesses. With this increased support, Rizvi Dairy Farm can continue to provide high-quality dairy products to its customers while helping to sustain the local economy.

Future Plans for Expansion at Rizvi Dairy Farms Layyah

Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah is looking forward to expanding their operations in the near future. The farm specializes in market-oriented farming, promoting drought-tolerant grasses, and utilizing resources judiciously. To help with this expansion, a Nestle team from Pakistan recently visited Rizvi Group of Industries and conducted a thorough evaluation of their current operations.

The team noted that the dairy industry had an essential role to play in the development of Layyah’s economy, and proposed ways to improve the farm’s production system. In addition, they suggested various strategies for increasing profits and reducing costs while still providing quality products to customers.

To ensure success in these efforts, Rizvi Dairy Farms plans on continuing its collaboration with BAHAUDIN ZAKARYIA UNIVERSITY MULTAN by obtaining Doctor of Veterinary Science degrees from graduates from the university’s first division (2010 – 2015). This will enable them to better understand modern dairy farming techniques and use them effectively on their farms.

In addition, Rizvi Dairy Farms has plans for additional investments such as buying new equipment and increasing production capacity. They also plan on introducing new breeds of livestock for specialized milk production as well as improving fodder quality through advanced technology.

Overall, Rizvi Dairy Farm Layyah is dedicated to providing quality products at competitive prices while optimizing their resources for maximum benefit. With their upcoming expansion plans, they hope to bring prosperity and economic growth to their local community while maintaining a high standard of excellence in dairy farming practices.

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