Chowk Azam Maweshi Mandi

Chowk Azam is one of the oldest and most famous maweshi mandis (buffalo markets) in Pakistan. Every day, hundreds of buffaloes are brought to the market to be bought and sold. The market is located in Layyah, Punjab, and has been in operation for centuries. If you want to see a true slice of Pakistani culture, Chowk Azam is the place to go for maweshi.

What is Chowk Azam Maweshi Mandi?

Chowk Azam maweshi mandi is a traditional Pakistani marketplace where livestock is traded. The market is named after the chowk, or main square, in the city of Layyah where it is located.

Maweshi mandi is thought to have originated in the Mughal era, and it continues to be an important part of Pakistani culture today. The market is a busy place, full of the sounds and smells of animals and people. It is a place where deals are made and friendships are formed between animals’ lovers.

How You Can Travel For Chowk Azam Maweshi Mandi?

The best way to get to Chowk Azam Maweshi Mandi is by taking a bus or a personal car from Islamabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi. The journey takes depends on your distance. Once you arrive in Chowk Azam, you will need to take a rickshaw to the market.

The History of Chowk Azam Maweshi Mandi

The chowk azam maweshi mandi is one of the oldest and most popular markets in Punjab, Pakistan. The market was established in the early 18th century by a group of traders from the Indian subcontinent who were looking for a place to sell their animals. The market quickly became a popular destination for both locals and travelers, and it remains one of the most popular markets in Pakistan today.

The chowk azam maweshi mandi is located in the heart of  Layyah City, and it is spread out over several blocks. The market is divided into two main sections – one section is for goat mandi and the other is for cow mandi.

If you’re looking for a truly authentic Pakistani Maweshi mandi experience, then the chowk azam maweshi mandi is definitely the place to go. though it can be crowded and chaotic at times, it’s all part of the charm of this historic market.

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