Nili Ravi Buffalo in Pakistan

Nili Ravi Buffalo in Pakistan

Nili Ravi Buffalo Origin

Nili Ravi Buffalo have good qualities for the dairy farms business. The Nila Ravi buffalo is a breed of domestic buffalo which is similar to the Murrah buffalo. It is distributed in Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, Philipines and Sri Lanka, but it is principally distributed in Pakistan and India and is concentrated in Punjab. It is mainly a dairy buffalo breed and is used principally for milk production. The Nili Ravi buffalo breed date back to the Indus River Valley civilizations when they were two different Buffalo, Nili and Ravi. However, due to coincidental standards, both buffalo breeds looked Continue Reading

Merino Sheep Farming

Merino Sheep Farming

What are the Unique Characteristics of Merino Sheep?

You may have heard of high-end clothing brands boasting about their 100% Merino wool used in the garments. And if you haven’t heard of Merino wool, then all you need to know is that it is a high-quality valuable product that can earn the seller a pretty penny. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at Merino sheep, the breed from which Merino wool comes. Continue Reading

Goat farming in Pakistan

Goat Farming Business Plan in Pakistan Urdu

بکریوں کی فارمنگ

بہت زیادہ منافع بخش کام


بکریوں کے لئے شیڈ کا طریقہ
بکریوں کا انتخاب
نئے فارم کے لئے انتظامات
کامیاب فارمنگ کے اہم نکات

بکریوں کے شیڈ کا طریقہ

بکریوں کے شیڈ کی تعمیر کے لیے ہمیشہ جگہ اونچی ہو اور ایسی جگہ ہو جہاں قریب سیلابی پانی کے آنے کا خطرہ نہ ہو.

شیڈ کی بنیادیں بھی زمین سے ۲ یا ۳ فٹ اونچی ہو تاکہ اندر کے پانی کی نکاسی اچھی ہو .

 شیڈ کی چھت صحن سے چھ انچ اونچی اور شیڈ کی پچھلی طرف چھ انچ نیچے ہو تاکہ بارشی پانی صحن میں نہ آئے .

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Janwaron Mein Afzaish e Nasal

Janwaron Main Afzaish e Nasal in Pakistan

Janwaron Mein Afzaish e Nasal Urdu/ Breeding Management of Cattle you will find the way how breeding is beneficial for your business

جانوروں میں افزائش نسل

  1. افزائش نسل کے مقاصد

  2.  افزائش نسل میں بہتری کیوں ضروری ہے؟ 

  3. محدود ملاپ کے نقصانات

  4.  سانڈ کا انتخاب

  5.  مصنوعی نسل کشی/ مصنوعی تخم ریزی

  6.  مصنوعی نسل کشی کے فوائد 

  7. سیمین کا انتخاب

  8.  مصنوعی نسل کشی کے معاشی اثرات

  9.  چھ سال بعد دس گائیوں پر منحصر فارم پر افزائش نسل کے معاشی اثرات

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How to Increase Milk Production in Cows and Buffalo in Pakistan

How to Increase Milk Production in Cows and Buffalo in Pakistan

Today I will explain to you how you can increase milk production in cattle like Cows and Buffalo in Pakistan using the organic method, here are the multiple ways to increase milk production.

:دودھ بڑھانےکے بہترین دیسی نسخے

بھینس اور گائے کا دودھ بڑھانے کے لیے یہ مستحب و زبردست ہے ہے تین سے چار دن کے استعمال سے سے گائے گائے اور Continue Reading

Goat Farming in Pakistan

Goat Farming in Pakistan

Goat Farming is a Profitable Business and Goat is an Animal of Paradise

Goat farming has become a profitable business. It has a multifunctional utility that is many meat fibers and mineral production etc. Goat is very tasty nutritious and healthy. Goatskin is also used in the labor industry and it requires a very low investment. Continue Reading

Black Bengal Goat Best Goat Breed for Farming

Black Bengal Goat Best Goat Breed for Farming

Black Bengal Goat General Information

I will tell you about the Black Bengal gold goat which is considered to be the best goat in the world. This breed is found in Bangladesh and Indian areas like Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal, it has mainly black coat colour. It is found in brown, white and grey colours but the black coat colour is most common. This breed is famous for meat production. This breed has an extremely low ability to produce milk. The male goat has 25 to 30 kilogrammes of weight and the female Bengal has 20 to Continue Reading

Beetal Goat Best Goat Breed for Farming

Beetal Goat Best Goat Breed for Farming

Introduction of Beetal Goat

Beatal Goat is the best option for goat farming in Pakistan.  It is found in Pakistan Beetal found in Layyah, Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, D.G Khan Districts of Punjab and in India Punjab and Haryana state but it is mostly found in Gurdaspur, Amritsar, Ferozpur Districts of Punjab. Beetle goat is raised both for meat and dairy purpose. They have long legs long in pendulous ears short and thin tail and have backwards curved horns. The adult buck has 50 to 60 kilogrammes weight and the adult doe has 35 to 40 kilogrammes weight. Continue Reading

Barbari Goat Best Goat Breed for Farming

Barbari Goat Best Goat Breed for Farming

This breed is mainly used for meat production. It is found in Pakistan’s Districts of Punjab, Sindh and India’s Districts of Punjab, Rajasthan and Agra. It is a medium height animal with having a compact body. It has short and tubular ears. The male Barbari has 38 to 40 kilogrammes of weight and the female Barbari has 23 to 25 kilogrammes of weight. The length of a male Barbari is approximately 65 centimetres and that of a female is approximately 75 centimetres. It has a wide range of code colours but the white colour having small light brown colour patches is most common, both male and female Barbari goats have large thick beards, the average milk yield per Continue Reading

Chowk Azam Maweshimandi

Chowk Azam is a town in district Layyah which is located 26 KM from Layyah City, Chowk Azam is a famous place for goods and transportations. Chowk Azam Maweshi Mandi is a large  movashimandi in South Punjab which is located in district Layyah. Chowk Azam Maweshimandi is located about 2.5 KM from Chowk Azam, If you are interested to know the All Punjab Pakistan Maweshi Mandi Schedule Continue Reading